Who we are

Dosch's journey over the decades has been an unconventional one which has exposed us to the realities of working in tough market conditions in India and abroad. This has not only given us valuable experience but has uniquely positioned us to accept challenges and work in places where others would not have much capability or confidence.

At one time, we were concurrently running two businesses, Animal Health in India and Human Health abroad. Our Animal Health division was acquired by Sanofi Mérial in 2013 due the opportunities created by our team which attracted larger foreign entities to take the Indian market seriously. Today we focus solely on making winners in Africa and Latin America to help their economies and give a boost to their local talent.

What We Do

We cater to businesses in Africa by providing all support starting from identification of products, design, marketing and manufacturing locally to overcome competition in the region. This makes us stand out and propose a truly unique offering for our customers as we develop relations that allow us to work as partners, not merely vendors.

Over the decades, we have developed deep insights into the entire supply chain of various dosage forms including sourcing and process of manufacturing in the geographies in which we are present.

We specialize in advising and supporting customers to strengthen their presence for a stronger penetration in their market. Having already done it ourselves, we feel we have the right methodology to minimize cost, increase production efficiency which in turn improves profitability for our customers.

As India grows and becomes the epicenter of pharmaceuticals worldwide, we are also positioned to move forward in the next phase of business evolution. We pride ourselves in working alongside the next wave of rising giants offering our support for growth in the field of pharmaceuticals with care and confidentiality.

Speciality Photo

To enable our partners in achieving market dominance through continuous support by providing high quality products and machineries with timely delivery and the most competitive prices.


To be the most sought after partner for manufacturing and marketing of formulations in Africa and Latin America.


After decades of building pharmaceutical companies in Africa ourselves, we have an edge in understanding that market. We understand the importance of confidentiality and avoiding conflict of interest so we only partner with one company per geography.